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Gesualdo Edizioni, Italy.

Jazz Suite

Completed in 2004 and utilizing an ensemble of classical guitar, violin and cello, “Suite Jazz” is divided in seven movements, for a total duration of about half an hour of music. Aside from an ouverture"Folk", emphasizing
and a finale sharing similar semantic contents, the Suite movements draw from modern dance (reinterpreted) and jazz elements in their widest and articulated meaning already in the titles"Blues", the matrix of the roots of Jazz popular and gipsy influences "Swing", with its unique rhythmical attributes     
"Salsa Bossa" and "Chorino", focusing on the distinctive qualities of Latino-American music.




The strong bond uniting music and philosophy blends with the psychology or soul of the Logos (ψυχή-λόγος ). How this key concept of Greek philosophy can be manifested in the musical time is the object of this composition. Music is generally consi- dered to be a vehicle for emotions, subconscious mental states, pre-rational and ultimately humoral states separated from ra- tionality, lucidity and order. In reality, the apparently emotional intelligence of music moves the affections as a secondary cause. Instead, the instance that first creates music is thought, the Logos as the ordering and creative substance of knowledge and there- fore directly in touch with the divine Nous of Anassagora. The theoretical research aimed at the gradual construction of a gno- seology of music seems to me to be of great importance in con- temporary music. This Epicedio wants to enter this Greek atmos- phere as it imagines to tell and recover ancient traditions of a disappeared civilization that, thanks to the music, can still be simply represented today by a violin accompanied by a guitar.

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